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Fire & Safety Alarm

A fire detection and alarm system provides audible and visual signals as a result of the operation of manual or automatic fire alarm initiating devices such as a Manual Fire Alarm station, smoke detector or heat detector of from other protective equipment such as a fire sprinkler system.

A control panel connects the initiating devices and the notification appliances together to form a system.

Fire Alarm Control Panel Dealer in Chennai

How do addressable and conventional alarms differ?

Each device connected to the addressable system has its own address. When a fire is detected, the device’s address shows up on the control panel, telling you exactly which device has activated. With a conventional system, there is no way of pinpointing the exact location of the fire. However, by wiring your building into different zones, you can get a general idea of where the fire is.


  • Notification Power Extender Panels
  • Remote Annunciators/Remote Control Stations
  • Remote Status Display
  • Remote Diagnostic Units

Network Command Center

The Network Command Center (NCC) is a PC based system that provides a single point of control or reporting only for a networked system. The computer is required to be UL listed for Fire Alarm service.

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